Choose From a Variety of Food Manufacturers to Create Your OEM Products

There are over 1,300 manufacturers listed on our umamill site!

Drinks, desserts, Japanese sweets, and seasonings are among the wide variety of OEM products available.
You can also customize existing products to meet your business needs.


  • Simplify the process of obtaining export forms and documents.

  • Strengthen your brand with unique packaging.

  • Set your company apart with exclusive contracts.

*These initiatives are only available to overseas businesses. We are not currently accepting OEM requests from Japanese companies.

OEM Process

  • Communicate what you need > Simultaneous enquiries Communicate what you need > Simultaneous enquiries
  • Compile proposals Compile proposals
  • Set requirements > Negotiate terms and conditions & Production & Design adjustment Set requirements > Negotiate terms and conditions & Production & Design adjustment

Value Provided by umamill for Your OEM Products

  • 1

    You can get the best proposals from multiple manufacturers.

    Finding the best company or proposal among a large number of manufacturers can be difficult. Also, the best price and proposal will not be offered until trust is established. With umamill, you can receive proposals from a variety of manufacturers.

  • 2

    umamill coordinates and negotiates with manufacturers to reduce purchasers’ time and effort.

    Coordinating with Japanese manufacturers can be time-consuming and difficult. umamill handles all of the coordination to reduce the amount of work for the purchasers.

  • 3

    All listed manufacturers can be dealt with through umamill.

    It takes time to open an account with each manufacturer and begin transactions. With umamill, you don't have to worry about that because we already conduct business with the manufacturers.

Drinks, desserts, seasonings, the list goes on and on!
Please visit our website to see what kind of products you can make.

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